What's my grade?

Actually, Runnerhub does not grade anybody. But we do collect feedback. Players (and GMs) can fill out an After Action Report (AAR). These are typically written In Character, and give you a chance to continue character development. Players are not the only ones who fill these out, but the ones done by GMs happen behind the scenes in the GM-only land of /r/Shadowsea. (Sorry, folks. No peeking unless you've been invited.)

An AAR can be filled out from the template, or you can create it on your own. Simply write what happened in your run, what rewards you received, what resources you went through (not just how much you spent on cab fare, but any burned SINs, counting the ammunition you spent, etc.), and then a notes section. This is where you get to step out of character, and say what you liked and didn't like. Also, here's where you can rank how the session was, on a 1-10 scale. (1 is not good, if you were curious.) If you have any quotes from the session, add them in this section as well.

You have a couple methods of filling these out. You can create the whole report in Reddit as one post, or you can link to the document you place into a shared drive. There is no right way to do this, so have a little fun! (All we ask is that you try.)

Why is this important?

Why are AARs important? Really?

Not only do you get to share with the whole 'Hub what happened in the weekly AAR thread, you are also providing information for the Ministry of Media to generate news articles from. Names may be fudged to protect the Metaplot, and sometimes what you do might affect the whole setting. And sometimes not. Keep in mind the tenet of the 'Hub:

  • If your character does horrifying things expect to get some blow back. Approach darker topics appropriately and tastefully. No need to go into a blow by blow on your torture interrogation scene.
  • Looting is generally a terri-bad idea. We'll try to reward you appropriately.
  • If you feel a GM has somehow severely crossed a line bring it up with the mods tell us what happened as accurately as you can and we'll do some investigation and have a talk to the GM in question.
  • Remember we are here to have fun.

There's still more ways to continue the story.