Remilia Auburn


Quick Notes
Occupation Activist
Affilitations Unknown
Game Rules
Connection 4
Loyalty 1
Personal Details
Age Minor
Race Unknown
Sex Female
Description See Text
Status Active and Operational
Likes Circular talking, Shoot-em Ups, Explosions, Doritos, Moutain Dew
Dislikes Stiffs, School, Structure


Cost: 6, payable in ¥2000 or 1 Karma per point


Likes: Circular talking, Shoot-em Ups, Explosions, Doritos, Moutain Dew

Dislikes: Stiffs, School, Structure

Special rulesEdit

Hours of operation Edit

Remy may only be contacted between 5pm and 9am. Mainly meets in the matrix.

Know Thy Enemy Edit

Remy has intimate knowledge of corporate structure. Only the super obscure yet still useful stuff. For example who may be dating who, where certain people may eat for lunch etc. Roll her dice as per normal. The amount of hits should translate into how useful this information is to the run at hand. This information is not free, Gm’s should charge 500/hit ish.

Wait 'til You Get to Know Her Edit

If a subject is being detained for interrogation, Remy can be patched into a pan with the runners and the subject. Remy is incredibly annoying to most people. This gives her a (Connection x2) + (Loyalty) as an Intimidation (Interrogation) teamwork roll to help extract information from the target.

Crowdfunding Edit

Remy is connected to various organizations via being a long term activist in several interest groups. Using her “charisma” and influence (nuyen) to get like minded people together for demonstrations.

  • Make two rolls of (Connection x 2) +(Loyalty).
  • The first roll will be for the demonstration size (base 10 people, each hit doubles it).
  • The second roll is for a combined timeliness and enthusiasm (base

time frame of 24 hours around intended time, halved for each hit).

  • This is also subject to the “Stick it to the man” rule when applicable. 
  • Cost: 10,000/ half street cred, the money is gonna go toward posters, bullhorns, bail, and snacks.

For example, if the two rolls net 3 and 4 hits respectively, the size of the crowd would reach 80 people who would arrive within 90 minutes (+/-) of the specified time.

Use Their Weapons Against Them Edit

Treat as equivalent to a Knowedge (Law) Skill to be used against people rather than for their own defense. Can be used as a con to use Legal Bulldrek™ to prevent legal action. If you're arrested, you will need a real lawyer.

Stick It to the Man Edit

When contacted about something specifically to bring down the corps add an additional [Connection] amount of dice can be used to combat these dark tides. Be it by finding information, restricted gear, or being available. GM's are encouraged to use some discretion on what runners will try to loosely claim is needed. It should only be things to be used on that run specifically.

Follow My Footsteps Edit

Remy has had to leave a trail of safe houses from her travels, some are even still intact. If you need a place to lay low for a little while, these places have already been scrubbed for tracing devices. Spending downtime here limits the amount of Public Awareness you get from a run to 1. Cost of 1,000/PA prevented.