Turf:Renton, Intercity 169 Edit

Colors:Brown and Red Edit

The Blood Mountain Boys are a mixed-metatype go-gang with an urban-primitive motif: members dress in neo-tribal styles and mark themselves with stylized tattoos, scars, skin weaves, nanotats, and other body mods, with special attention paid to the often permanent "warpaint" they wear on their faces. When they're not fighting with the 405 Hellhounds, they're running errands for the Mafia, Yakuza or anybody else that will pay them, or staying involved in the BTL trade. The BMBs are a "throwback" gang, preferring old-fashioned vices like drugs and alcohol over the new brainbenders and mid-altering substances. They recently increased their turf war with the Hellhounds as they have started to compete with their bootlegging business.