Acquisition Edit

Cost 4, payable in ¥2000 or 1 Karma per point

Description Edit

Most people get a little stunned when they first see the woman that goes by Bottles. Its not because she is strikingly beautiful, nor is it the blue skin, or her 4 arms. It’s the way she makes the drinks while working. Juggling bottles, perfect pours, and multiple at the same time. Taking full advantage of her less than standard physique.

Likes: Juggling, Exotic drinks, Regulars

Dislikes: Bad Tippers, Getting hit on, Ruffians

Bottles, the Mixologist
Quick Notes
Occupation Bartender
Affiliations The Matchsticks, Downtown
Game Rules
Connection 2
Loyalty 2
Personal Details
Sex Female
Description Beautiful. Blue skin. Four arms.
Status Active
Likes Juggling, Exotic drinks, Regulars
Dislikes Bad Tippers, Getting hit on, Ruffians

Special Rules Edit

Trainer Edit

  • Chemistry
  • Medicine
  • Artisan
  • Performance

You may pick up “Bartending” specialization for Artisan or Performance. This as mostly a fluffy specialization, as an Agility+Performance [Artisan] test. This specialization will cost 3 karma.

Top Shelf Info Edit

Bottles only talks face to face. This means you are going to have to come down to the Matchstick. She prefers to work while talking about things You will end up being served alcohol.

  • For every 2 boxes of stun you take (unresisted) gain +1 bonus die to any follow up Connection tests.
  • Also you are probably drunk now.
  • Cinder is limited to only gaining +1 bonus die to Connection tests from this contact.

Loose Lips Edit

Many people come into bars for drowning their sorrows. Bottles can make a Connection test (limit +3) to know about any kind of current events. Corporate moves, gang activity, etc etc. This test gets +2 if it is something that takes place in Downtown.

Sink Ships Edit

Many people come into bars for drowning their sorrows. Bottles can make a Connection test (limit +5) to spread rumours for the team. The GM is allowed to apply a reasonable amount of bonus or penalty dice depending on how believable or specific the rumour is.

  • Downtown-oriented rumours receive +2

Tricks of the Trade Edit

You may purchase the following Knowledge skills at a 1 karma discount. Minimum 1 karma. If you have suggestions on something else relevant it may be added to the list. Please ask a GM whether something not on this list is appropriate.

  • Alcohol
  • Bars
  • Clubs
  • Sports
  • Music (jazz)
  • Trivia Night

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