Braggi's Bar
Owner Bragi
Location Downtown Seattle
Affiliations Dwarf Community; Mountain Kings Motorcycle Club
Zagat Statistics
Food 16
Decor 26
Service 10
Price $$$

A homely full-service bar located in Downtown Seattle, Braggi's is run by a Danish dwarf of the same name, Braggi( A.K.A. Sørensen). Though all comers are welcome, the bar caters to Dwarves, and taller vistors may find the furnishings too short for their taste, and the drinks too strong.

Braggi himself is a bit of a mystery, and it has become something of a tradition for Braggi's regulars to invent increasingly grandiose and vivid stories of Braggi's origin and how he came to own a bar in Seattle.

Zagat Summary Edit

Owned and operated by the dwarf, Braggi, this downtown Seattle treasure caters primarily to dwarves. Drawing inspiration from "dwarven legends of old" the decor is intricate and leaves one feeling like they have been transported in time and space to a hewn-stone dwarven tavern. Braggi's offers a small menu that is mostly focused around simple fire grilled meats and basic side dishes, which is palatable though not strictly memorable. Be careful when ordering drinks if you are not a dwarf - though pricy, Braggi cites "drinks strong enough for a dwarf" and does not skimp on the stronger spirits.