Bruce Kincaid, Master of the Range
Quick Notes
Occupation Target Master
Affiliations The Ammu-nation(Shooting range), Weapons World
Game Rules
Connection 4
Loyalty 2
Personal Details
Age Unknown
Race Unknown
Sex Male
Description Unknown
Status Active
Likes Marksmanship, Challenges, Firearms
Dislikes Full auto fire, Range less than 50m, stationary targets

 Acquisition Edit

Cost: 7, payable in ¥2000 or 1 Karma per point

  • -1 if you have a skill from the firearms group at rank 7 or higher

Description Edit

Likes Marksmanship, Challenges, Firearms Dislikes Full auto fire, Range less than 50m, stationary targets

Special Rules Edit

A True Marksman Edit

If learning the 8th or higher rank of a skill and Bruce is the trainer, gain +1 Loyalty. This particular Loyalty bonus can happen only once.

 Teacher Edit

  • Firearms Skill Group: Automatics, Longarms, Pistol

Down on the Range Edit

Bruce can set you up with fake licences for weapons from the firearms skill group that are not forbidden(forbidden items can never have licences). These can be up to the Rating of your fake sin.

Resupply Edit

Once per run, without rolling, you may buy up to 50 rounds of ammo for one of your weapons from the firearms skill group at normal nuyen cost. Note that this does not include belted ammunition.

  • Capsule(empty)
  • Flare
  • Flechette
  • Frangible
  • Gel
  • Regular
  • Stick n Shock
  • Tracer rounds

Some Assembly Required Edit

As a master armorer, Bruce can install a number of weapon mods if they are purchased separately.

For 25 nuyen per round, and being supplied with the chemicals, Bruce can fill capsule rounds (empty capsule included in cost). Remember that each dose of chemicals will fill 5 capsule rounds. However he is constantly busy, and doing so will take at least a day per 100.

If your weapon has taken matrix damage, Bruce can repair it for 5% base cost of the weapon for each point it repaired.

The House Specials Edit

You gain 4 extra dice when attempting to buy a Restricted weapon through Bruce. This weapon needs to use a skill from the Firearms group.

You gain 2 dice when purchasing ammo for a weapon from firearms skill group.

Note that you may still use this contact to attempt to purchase Forbidden items from the firearms skill group without these bonus dice.