Butch, the "Bro-mancer"
Quick Notes
Occupation Student Athlete. (OK, Athlete student)
Affiliations Seattle U
Game Rules
Connection 2
Loyalty 1*
Personal Details
Age 24
Race Human
Sex Male
Description Bro. Athlete. Jock. Not a Nerd. Or, take a good, long look at his photo.
Status Active
Likes Leg day, Arm day, Urban brawl, Sports, Scoring Chicks, Performance enhancers, Soywiser, Parties
Dislikes Nerds, Teachers, Roy, Getting shot down, Grades, Nerds.


Cost: 4*, payable in ¥2000 or 1 Karma per point

  • Cost adjustments: -2 if bro, +2 if nerd


Basically this

Likes Arm day, Leg day, Urban brawl, Sports, Scoring Chicks, Performance enhancers, Soywiser, Parties, Beta Rho Omega Fraternity

Dislikes Nerds, Teachers, Roy, Getting shot down, Grades

Special rules


  • Athletics group

The Nerd-Bro Scale

In order to find out where you fall on the scale, see how many points from your attribute priority you have invested into Physical Attributes: Body, Reaction, Strength, and Agility. Also, see how many points you have invested into Mental Attributes: Willpower, Logic, Intuition, Charisma. Only count attribute points from your priority and karma, not magic, or augmentations - Butch only cares about raw physical aptitude. If your number is at least 2 higher in Physical, congrats, you're a Bro. If your Mental is more than 2 points higher, you're a nerd. You can become a Bro later by investing karma into raising your Physical attributes.

Harder Better Faster stronger

  • Bros may pickup the Toughness Quality at 18 karma
  • Bros may pickup the Exceptional Attribute (Physical) Quality for 28 karma
  • Bros may pickup the Natural Athlete Quality at 14 karma

To the Extreme

The following Qualities can be picked up from Butch:

  • Adrenaline Surge (keep in mind it currently only affects first combat turn, first pass. until some errata comes out) for 24 karma
  • Ambidexterity for 8 Karma
  • Daredevil (keep in mind different gms reward edge at different rates) for 12 karma
  • High Pain Tolerance for 14 karma/level
  • Indomitable (Physical) for 16 karma/level
  • Lightning Reflexes for 40 Karma
  • Tough as Nails (Physical or Stun) for 10 karma/level
  • Water Sprite for 12 karma

Lessons of the Bromancer

Every time you pickup a Quality through Butch you may get a Rank 1 Knowledge skill in something he likes, for free. Each time you do, increase his Loyalty by 1, max 4.

Performance Enhancers

In order to preform at the level Butch does takes a variety of workout optimizers. From him you may purchase

  • Cram,
  • Jazz,
  • Novacoke,
  • Nitro,

He's not a narc, so not need to worry about things going horrible wrong picking it up here. He also has access to

  • Bliss,
  • Zen,
  • Psyche

as a more party drug side. None of these drugs requires a roll to pickup.

Push it to the Limit

All Physical Attribute improvement times are halved.

Learning the Ways of the Bromancer

Through intense physical training that is totally not Jazzersizing. You can learn the following martial arts and all their techniques:

  • Parkour
  • Boxing (all 3)
  • Capoeira

Come at Me Bro

Butch can reduce your Unarmed skill training time up to skill 9