According to the Matrix, Camp Hopeful is a youth camp ministry, offering underprivileged Ork children a happy and safe camping experience as a change from their dangerous urban life. Children from 8 to 15 are welcome, where they learn many fine motor skill developments as well as typical summer camp activities like basket weaving, leather working, or songs and music. The Matrix page specifically states that the Camp is open to all Orks, Dwarves and Trolls are welcome to apply, but makes no mention of Humans or Elves.

Located near the outer edges of the Seattle area, Camp Hopeful is near the Salish border in Aurora on an undisclosed number of tree-filled acres. A pair of carved totem-pole style posts hold a weathered but brightly painted sign proclaiming the slightly overgrown area to be Camp Hopeful.

Camp Hopeful is owned and maintained by Jan and Tim Routhers, two humans who run the camp as an outreach program to underprivileged Ork families. Their brightly painted yet outdated petrochem short bus can often be seen chugging around town, ferrying kids to and from the Camp year round. The bus also brings supplies, food, and weapons to Ork communities, and collects donated items (and money) to maintain the camp.

Parents often are seen around the camp, helping with the kids, preparing meals, or doing maintenance or upgrading the facilities. There are two large and several small improvements that the Camp installs annually, from upgrading the bonfire pit to installing outdoor auditorium seating. Some of these parents volunteer their time, others are trading their skilled or unskilled labor so their kids can afford to attend the Camp.

There are also rumors that the Camp is actively supporting the Ork Rights campaigns, and is possibly connected to the Ork Underground. Some have indicated that the happy little bus that transports children has also been implicated in smuggling, but no proof of this exists.

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