'Feel free to talk amongst yourselves'

Of course, further character development is possible with these last two categories. Not everything we do is create depth to the character. A character has to interact with their environment, after all. And you may go on six runs, with thirty six different individuals between them. How do you keep the game going without having to completely introduce yourself every time?

The answer is in the IC.

Every four days (or 400 posts, whichever comes first), there is a new JackPoint thread. This is the community conversation channel. Keeping true to the roots and canon of Shadowrun, JackPoints (places where runners can "jack in" and leave comments) tend to collect all the "online" conversations. Treat them like you were posting information on a public bulletin board: anybody can come along and see the comments.

If you want to do a more private message (still in character), simply type in a " <<Private Message>>" line in the post. (Or shorten it to "<<PM>>". Minus the quotes, of course.) There is no set ruling on format, just indicate that it is a private message and to whom. You also could leave the information public, and just cryptic enough that those on the inside of the joke would catch the reference.

The other option you have is the newly minted IRC channel that has been created. Just like any other IRC channel, this one is live, ongoing, and we do not archive it. It is hosted by an external source, so if you want it to impact the Plot in any way, it probably would be best to not put it there. (If it gets to the right ears, though, it doesn't matter, right?)

Periodically, the 'Hub will host events. Recently, there was a "Poker night" for residents of an IC hotel. No real funds were exchanged, but the characters did have to spend their nuyen. Sometimes, there will be pub crawls. There are more options that come up, and for each one, there will be an external host for the IC interaction. These events will be listed periodically, typically under the "Work" flair. If you can attend, great. If not, don't sweat it. These are extra, and ways to further your IC relationships with individuals.

  • JackPoint Archive. (Find the current week in the links, and commence conversating!)
  • IRC chat channel. (Here's the post that explains the origins, and has tips for connecting. Use the room name: #JP-RunnerHub .)

NOTE: Please don't RP in here unless your character has received at least preliminary approval from the sheet team.

If you have enjoyed this, let us know. If you still want to find ways to contribute, there's a few suggestions on this last page.