Chen Kwan-Ti served as a geomancer and Incense Master for the Red Dragon during their war with the Yellow Lotus in Hong Kong. He proved to be a prominent figure during the war earning him a great amount of respect and power. He arrived in Seattle shortly after the war between the Red Dragon and the Yellow Lotus. Officially he serves as the Incense Master for the Octagon, unofficially he runs the entire gang. He is a master geomancer and an expert in metamagic techniques which deal with control of Feng Shui. Since assuming his new role he has spent a great deal of time improving the flow of Chi in Little Asia.

Chen is in close contact with Chao Su-Cheng, a geomancer in the service of Wuxings Seattle branch. Chen is often used as a consultant on research involving ancient Chinese scrolls and Feng Shui practices.

- by TGMkoll

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