Cheng Xi
Wartime smuggler by skrubhjert-d7z15fw
Quick Notes
Occupation Smuggler
Affiliations Order of the White Lotus
Game Rules
Connection 5
Loyalty 1
Personal Details
Age 56
Race Chinese elf
Sex Male
Description Frequently disguises himself by both mundane and magical means into a variety of appearences
Status Alive and operating
Likes Money, magical goods,
Dislikes Customs officials

Name: Cheng Xi, the Vanishing Man

Role Smuggler, provider of rare goods

Cost: *

Affiliations: Order of the White Lotus

C/L: 5/1

Description: Cheng Xi is a smuggler who operates primarily out of Hong Kong. He is a skilled illusionist, using the combination of his lifelong research into deceptive magic and the ability to think quickly on his feet to help get his cargo through undetected.

Xi has largely remained neutral in conflicts among the triads and megacorps, preferring to simply let his clients duke it out somewhere other than Xi's ship. He makes a point not to accept jobs that seem likely to put him into a position to antagonize those more powerful

Likes: Money, trading in favors and influence, magical goods Dislikes: Customs officials, dealbreakers

Special rules:

The Unseen Traveler Xi can provide safe passage to and from Hong Kong to anywhere else in the Pacific Rim. Depending on the urgency of your travel, Xi can arrange to bring you and all your gear on a boat, or in extreme cases, has contacts with private planes, though this may cost you, and rarely does Xi charge only coin.

The Hidden Treasure: Xi is known mainly by his reputation, but is known well. In exchange for a favor, Xi can provide a significant assistance to runners looking to obtain a rare item (availability 13+). Add Xi's Negotiation to your own when attempting to obtain the item.

The Silk Road: Cheng Xi is well connected with those who need to move illegal narcotics. He can provide such narcotics to his friends without any test needed (though he still expects normal payment).

The Hidden Room: Xi can provide a bolt hole in a shipping container at the docks of Seattle, Tokyo, or Hong Kong. This is little more than mattress and a chemical toilet in a box, but there's no need to prepare it in advance, and Xi is quite good at keeping it from being found.