Ciara Ní Loingsigh (Seraphim)
Quick Notes
Occupation Trid Star (ex-Shadowrunner)
Affiliations Horizon
Game Rules
Connection ---
Loyalty ---
Personal Details
Age 25
Race Elf
Sex Female
Description Fiery red hair; blue eyes; Bible verse tattoos down arms
Status Alive
Likes God; Magic; Poncho; Freedom; the Mob; the Pope
Dislikes Evo; Heathens; Street Gangs

Originally a Runner in the Seattle scene.

  • Raised by the Catholic Church after she Awakened.
  • Starred in World of Shadows alongside Johnny Killblade.
  • Has a younger sister, Quinn, who lives with her.
  • Recently retired from the Shadows, joining Horizon as a Trid Star following her "appearance" in World of Shadows Part 2.

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