Club Rasputin
Established Unknown
Owner Sergei Kirov
Location Renton, WA
Affiliations Vory
Zagat Statistics
Food 10
Decor 13
Service 10
Price $$

Basic Overview Edit

Club Rasputin is a seedy strip club owned by Vory head, Sergei Kirov. If you're looking for a place where the women are desperate and the floor hasn't been cleaned since Dunkelzahn was president, this is the place to go. The place employes women exclusively, and only humans, orks, elves and trolls - Kirov cares not for dwarves. Though nominally a strip club, due to poor wages many of the workers resort to prostitution to supplement their incomes - few customers tip well. The dancers are tasteful (no contact - don't expect a lap dance), and drug use is strictly forbidden.

The Vory presence here is constant, and is heavily protected by Vory soldiers at all times of day. Individuals with ties to other syndicates, or even casual passers-by should tread very lightly lest they raise the ire of a Vory.

Outside of the Vory, Shadowrunners find use in the club as a site for clandestine meetings - several booths in the back of the club are designed for secrecy and discretion for groups of 3 to 8. Just expect to pay heavily for the privilege.

Overheard, 22nd and Pinehurst Edit

1: Hey omae, how you been

2: Not bad, not bad. Sheila got a new job.

1: Oh yeah? where at?

2: Ras-something, club. Says she's waitressing or something.

1: Rasputin? Club Rasputin?

2: Yeah man, that sounds about right. Anyhow, seems legit. She been coming home with money now 'stead a bliss. Weight off my shoulders, y'know?

1: ...oh, man. Damn.

2: what?

1: you know what Rasputin is, right?

2: naw, sounds russian. probably serves borscht and vodka right?

1: naw man, it's a strip join, Sheila's a stripper now.

2: ...well, shit.

1: man, that even ain't the worst. It's all crime and drek - big crime. you know Sergei Kirov?

2: yeah, think I heard of him. Knights tried to take him down, but nothing stuck right?

1: yeah, who do you think owns the joint?

2: damn. damn. frag me. Well thanks man, my bus is here. Lot to think about now, I guess.

1: yeah, sorry bro. Hope it gets better.

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