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Afroflash: Music influenced by or originating from Africa, where percussion instruments dominate the musical piece.

  • Related genres: Benga for Kenyan music, Yoruba for Nigerian music.

Bollywood Pop: also known as Indi-pop. Light music influenced by Indian folk music, usually produced for Bollywood trids.

Chrome Rock: Rock and roll music from the 2040s and ‘50s.

C-Pop: Music incorporating traditional Chinese instruments in their composition, such as yangquin (plucked instrument), the huqin (bowed instrument), and bangu (drum).

  • Related genre: C-Rock.

E-Trance: instrumental music that is threaded with a simrecorded emotional state.

Fractal Phase: synthetic music based on mathematical principals of fractals and quantum dimensions. Comparable to technosynth, only more chaotic.

Gob Rap: Rap music referencing the racial problems of orks and trolls.

Gothabilly: Dark and heavy keyboard and haunting violin themed compositions—essentially goth mixed with country.

Goblin Rock: Legacy grouping of music played by orks and trolls. sometimes used in a derogatory fashion.

Neo-classical: Music inspired by compositions from the 18th century using rigidly structured music such as a symphony or quartet; usually used as a modifier to accompany a current musical style, i.e., neo-classical industrial.

Nippon Glam: Music incorporating traditional Japanese instruments, such as the biwa (plucked instrument), hotchiku (flute instrument), and shou (woodwind instrument). stereotypically used to reference anime trid theme music.

OrxRock: songs with lyrics in the or’zet language.

Powernoize: Danceable instrumental music based on a distorted drumbeat and synthetic music.

  • Related genre: schranz, European version.

Rockabilly: Music blending rock and roll with country. Compositions contain instruments such as guitar, violin, and banjo.

Synthcore: Music blending synthpop and industrial genres.

Steelmill Industrial: UCAS-specific style of industrial music.

Synthrash: Very loud and fast rock music played using a synthlink.

Technosynth: generalized term for musical tones played either using a synthlink or electric keyboard.

Voodoo Blues: a late generation of blues mixed with Yorubatribal music. Compositions feature percussion instruments such as the dundun and bata as rhythmic support for blues-type instruments such as the harmonica and sax.

WizPunk: Punk music tied to an astral or magic-influenced presentation.

- Kat9

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