Snatched from Seattle 2072 some of the shops and places you may visit. With the exception of Johnny Cab.

Body Shops

Luxury: Executive Body Enhancements, Red Star

First-Class: A Whole New You, Inc., Body+Tech

Family Style: NuYou2, The Body Pagoda

No Frills: Cyborgs ‘R’ Us

Computers and Electronics

Luxury: Nybbles & Bytes, Gate’s Computer Showcase

First-Class: Hardware, Etc., Blood Monies Software

Family Style: Software Sellers, Microdeck, DeGear’s Electronics

No Frills: Computer Exchange, Hacker’s Delight, Kennedy’s Used Electronics

Department Stores

Luxury: Lordstrungs, Lacy’s

First-Class: Fallon and Nelson, The Beaux

Family Style: Wordsworth, Lears and Mervins, Meyer’s Superstores

No Frills: Kong-Wal Mart, Saver’s Central, WeaponsWorld (guns)

Groceries and Convenience

Luxury: Society Grocers

First-Class: Meyers Groceries, Natural Vat Foods

Family Style: Allenson’s Groceries, Carry&Save,Quickway

No Frills: Stuffer Shack, Loco Foods, MiniMart, Buy-Low Foods


Luxury: TripleTree, Lucas, Hilton, Sheraton, Silver Cloud

First-Class: Westin, Gold Lion Inn

Family Style: Renton Inn, Wylie’s Gala

No Frills: Rent & Rest, Comfy Cubicle, Aston’s Moneymakers

Restaurants Luxury: Azteca International, The Edge, Takuri’s, Trattoria Pagilacci’s

First-Class: Green Village, The Gravity Bar, La Gallaria, Kau Kau’s, Purple Haze

Family Style: Gracie’s for Ribs, Bosco’s, McKraken’s Seafood, Bangkok Hut, Maximillion’s

No Frills: Cap’n Beef, McHugh’s, Nacho Mama, Nukit Burgers, Street Pizza, Teriyaki Boy, You Should Not Eat So Much!

Taxi companies

Luxury: WP Express, Metroplex Transport

First-Class: Round Trip Taxi, Seattle Star

Family Style: Emerald City Cabs, Yellow Cabs

No Frills: GridCab, Johnny Cab