Step 3: Backup your files.

Once you've gotten your character approved, it's ready to play. Because so much of our game sessions happen online, Runnerhub recommends keeping your character sheet online. There's a variety of cloud systems out there, but two of the most common are Dropbox and the paired powerhouse of Google Drive/ Docs. Both are free, and both have paid options. (Personal recommendation is to use the free option, unless you're a digital packrat; paying for storage gains you no special perks on Runnerhub.)

When you apply for a job, include a link in the IC response to the online location of your current character sheet. The easiest way to do this (in Google Drive) is to create a publicly shared folder. Save your updated sheets there, along with any other documents or photos you share with Runnerhub. (We'll cover formatting and other documents in the this page.)

Getting a seat at the virtual table for a game