Dhao Zeng
Quick Notes
Occupation CEO of Fidelity Mutual Insurance
Affiliations FMI is a subsidiary of Wuxing
Game Rules
Connection Unknown
Loyalty Unknown
Personal Details
Age 67
Race Chinese Elf
Sex Male
Description Thin Chinese man, with a tendency to wear traditional looking robes
Status Unknown
Likes Revenge, collecting trophies, mementos
Dislikes Threat to his personal power

Created by JancariusSeiryujinn as part of Aranon's backstory

Dhao Zeng is the head of Fidelity Mutual Insurance, a subsidiary of Wuxing. Zeng is considered by many to be one of the more famously ruthless CEO's, even by AAA standards, but this same ruthlessness goes with a short temper. During the Crash 2.0, it is suspected that Zeng took the opportunity to personally eliminate many of his business rivals during the chaos, framing it as either looters or just Matrix crash victims.

Zeng's other weakness besides his short temper is his preference for keeping trophies of his enemies after defeat. He collects mementos, whether in the form of vidclips, or personal items, or sometimes even more esoteric things which he keeps in his home in Hong Kong.