Cost 7, payable in ¥2000 or 1 Karma per point

Cost changes based on DocWagon Contacts purchasing order

Bedside Manner Edit

As the results of Concierge Medicine, for their mishandling of the situation. This contact is cost +1 for the following characters:

  • Katie Kaboom
  • Rocin
  • Cotton
  • Databomb
  • Fireman sam

Description Edit

Dr. Hubbart is a petite, no-nonsense woman of 5'7" and dark skin. She tends to remain on the thin side of things and dresses almost exclusively in business-casual slacks and blouses topped with the ever-present white lab coat. She is nowhere near as sharp in apparel as Brutus or Ettu, but her cephalopod skull tends to take attention away from her ensemble and even her near-legendary abilities in the genetech field.

Likes: Soups, changelings, 'science talk'

Dislikes: Violence, air/spacecraft, background counts, mohawks

Dr. Alexandria Hubbart, Breaker of Chains
Quick Notes
Occupation Geneticist
Affiliations DocWagon
Game Rules
Connection 6
Loyalty 2
Personal Details
Sex Female
Status Active
Likes Soups, changelings, 'science talk'
Dislikes Violence, air/spacecraft, background counts, mohawks

Special Rules Edit

Further Down the Rabbit Hole Edit

As a non-chargen changeling (surge 1 or 2), you may push your genetic expression farther. You may contact Ympulse, Ozzurr or Bamce to facilitate this. It will require an expenditure in the 40-50 karma range.

A Personal Interest Edit

As a changeling herself Dr. Hubbart has spent an intense amount of time researching and writing about the subject. Some recent breakthroughs have been made. Surge 3 changelings will have an opportunity to tweak their qualities ONCE in play.

  • Contact me directly and we will work the details out.
  • This is not for power gaming
  • Multiple qualities can be done at the same time.
  • Qualities should be thematically appropriate for your changeling theme.

Welcome to the Family Edit

Dr. Hubbart is a genius in the genetics field. Her acquisition by DocWagon has greatly improved their gentec department. As such you are now able to use “the list” to acquire genetech.

Keep in mind the Hub houserules for genetech.

Treatment Times Edit

Due to the fact that downtime activities on RunnerHub are based on real time, the treatment times for genetech are reduced as follows:

  • For genetech with a listed treatment time of less than 1 month, reduce

the time to 1 week.

  • For genetech with a listed treatment time of 1 month or more, reduce the

time to 2 weeks.

  • Multiple genetech treatments can be performed simultaneously.
  • During the treatment characters cannot go on runs or perform any other

downtime activities, however characters are free to still interact with other characters (e.g. in JackPoint posts, IC chat, etc.) from the safety of their vat. Cellular Repair: If used to reduce the Blighted quality it doesn’t cost additional Karma to do so, and one treatment is enough to remove the quality entirely, no matter which level the quality is at.

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