Dr. Hails-To-Sky is a man of many worlds.  He was born into the world of the Europeans when the land still suffered under the name United States of America.  He lived through the Great Ghost Dance, and saw the liberation of his people from the corruption and oppression the Europeans had inflicted upon them.  He saw great nations rise, his people finally being able to rule themselves with their reclaimed culture and a limitless future.  He saw his people squander that future, as instead of making a new path their leaders decided to mimic the old.  He now knows that the Europeans were never to blame; the system helps no one but those in power, regardless of whoever runs the show.

Today Dr. Hails-To-Sky is an old and jaded man.  He has seen his dreams crushed and promises broken one too many times, and as a result he is withdrawn from the world.  His work at the Para-Meteorology Institute is his only passion now, and as a result of his single-minded determination he is one of if not the expert opinion on the matter.  The Doctor has little time for patience or pleasantries, and while he is not rude his personality is best described as 'detached'.  Dr. Hails-To-Sky is still a fundamentally good man under his years of disappointment, but getting to that bitter heart will require dire circumstances or impressive convincing.

Professionally, Dr. Hails-To-Sky is the head of the Parameteorological Institute out of the Salish Territories, and a former Wildcat of the Sioux Nation.