Edward Chaminski

The Chameleon

Quick Notes
Occupation Software programmer, drone garage
Affiliations Neonet
Game Rules
Connection 2
Loyalty 1
Personal Details
Age Unknown
Race Unknown
Sex Male
Description See Text
Status Limited, Active
Likes Extreme activities, Problem solving, Creating things
Dislikes Boredom, Corp work, Violence

Acquisition Edit

Cost: 4, payable in ¥2000 or 1 Karma per point

Description Edit

Working for neonet (don't ask him any details about them), Ed is a bit of a savant when it comes to programming. Working best when left alone to do it his own way his results have actually got his middle management boss some pretty good raises. Thus the manager lets him do things his own way. Who knows how long this will work out for the manager before things go wrong. Maybe then, Mr Chaminski will be pushed fully into the shadows.

Likes extreme activities, problem solving, creating things

Dislikes boredom, corp work, violence

Special Rules Edit

Trainer Edit


  • Electronics group
  • Cracking Group

Qualities Edit

  • Codeslinger
  • Go Big or Go Home

I Wrote These Myself Edit

You can purchase self written (and self tested) activesofts, know softs, linguasofts from Ed. Keep in mind these still need the appropriate ware. You can also pickup any programs through him(without the need for rolling).

  • Activesoft: 1,000/Rating
  • Knowsoft: 500/rating
  • Linguasoft: 250/rating

Loyalty Discount Edit

If you use a Neonet fake sin(or real sin) you will receive a 25% discount on any skillsoft network you are a member of. So long as you maintain a medium lifestyle or better. Fake sins and network level available remain unchanged

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