Cost 7, payable in ¥2000 or 1 Karma per point

Cost changes based on DocWagon Contacts purchasing order


Of the two Julianus Brothers, Ettu is the prettier one and the best dressed. If he were a runner he'd be a face, if he were a wageslave he'd be a manager, however Ettu is neither. He's in a much more lucrative business. Ever wonder where all these runners get a Doc Wagon Contract without having a SIN to tie it to? Or how those sammys get their hands on premium grade bioware? Well, they know a man like Ettu. Men and Women like him exist all around the globe, offering medical services to the not so "legitimate". He has access to the Doc Wagon database and can implement people he likes (ie, People who pay him well) into their system. Hell he can even provide some novahot bioware for the right price, entirely off the books. He can't implant it, you'll need to talk to his brother about that.

Likes: Discretion, Big spenders, Street Samurai (Also known as repeat customers).

Dislikes: Snitches, Rats, Mages (They always browse but never BUY) and Trog Haters.

Special Rules

Ettu's DocWagon specialty is bioware