Falling Timber, Who Makes No Sound
Quick Notes
Occupation Unknown
Affiliations Unknown
Game Rules
Connection Seattle 3 / Salish-Sidhe Council 6
Loyalty Seattle 3 / Salish-Sidhe Council 1
Personal Details
Age mid-late 20's
Race Elf
Sex Male
Description Native Ucasian
Status Unknown
Likes Unknown
Dislikes Unknown

 Acquisition Edit

Cost: 5, payable in ¥2000 or 1 Karma per point

Description Edit

Male, Elf, Native "ucasian", in the mid-late 20's

Likes Hunting, The natural order

Dislikes Pollution, Stereotypes

 Special Rules Edit

Trainer Edit

  • Skills
    • Archery
    • Arcana
    • Navigation
    • Sneaking
    • Survival
    • Tracking
    • Area knowledge: Seattle or NaN territories
  • Qualities
    • Beast way
    • Catlike
    • Outdoorsman
    • Spirit champion- If you are a follower of the Druidic, Shamanic, or Souix traditions
    • Spirit whisperer- if you are a follower of the Druidic, Shamanic, or Souix traditions
    • The Spiritual Way - If you are an Adept or Mystic Adept.

A Man of Two Worlds Edit

Living on the fringe of two societies allows Timber to take advantage of the benefits of both sides. Spending long periods of time deep in the more native SSC areas, yet still coming to Seattle proper to work as an intermediary gives him a great deal of pull in the SSC itself.

However this also hampers his Seattle capabilities as he is “just another native” to most.

In Seattle Timber has more time available away from his SSC responsibilities. As such his loyalty is higher here.

However in the SSC Timber has significantly more pull. This also means he is busier and unfortunately has less time for his friends. You all understand right?

For downtime (after a session), he is always considered in Seattle for purchases.

Crossing the Borders Edit

Timber spends most of his time in the SSC territories. When a player looks to contact him Roll a d6, on a 5 or 6, he is in Seattle. Anything else he is in SSC. This stays this way for at least 2 game days. On a 1, re-roll. Should a second 1 be rolled he is so deep in the SSC that he is unreachable.

He can only roll his C/L dice based on where he is. If it's a legwork oriented (information) roll, it's based upon where the target of your questioning is.

Timber can get you across most NaN borders; this comes with a 500 nuyen a person “convenience fee”. He will give you a time and place to cross. Make sure you have your bags packed.

Special Delivery Edit

If players are in the location Timber is not, things get a little weird.

If you are going to him to pick it up, it will cost you for crossing the border (twice). If he is getting it to you, it will cost +500 nuyen more.

Demand and Supply Edit

With his access to the natural materials of NaN lands, Timber is of great help to Talismongers and other peddlers of natural goods and exotic materials. You may add +2 dice to any roll that uses these materials for 500 nuyen (as the border crossing fee).

Most of the time this will be limited to Talismongers and foci. However Gm’s will have final call on any price increase due to using these exotic materials (in addition to the 500 border crossing) and if these 2 dice will be helpful.

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