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Basic Summary Edit

Fat Stanley's
Established 2042
Owner Marko Stanley
Location Throughout Seattle Area
Affiliations Unknown
Zagat Statistics
Food 10
Decor 11
Service 11
Price $

Fat Stanley's is a chain of family-style diners in the Seattle area. It was founded in the early 2040's by Marko and Francine Stanley. The diners are known for their soyburgers, krill shakes, and 24-hour service. The diners are popular amongst people working graveyard shifts and stoned teenagers. The quality of the food is usually described as "a step above McHugh's, a step below pretty much everything else." Its slogan is "It's Filling!" The company is a distant subsidiary of Ares.

Hank O'Henry's Review of Fat Stanley's Bellevue location Edit

The decor is dated. Much of it looks like the old diners of a century ago. Checkerboard tile floor, bright lighting, posters of classic cars, that sort of thing. Some people appreciate this sort of ambiance, but I personally find it annoying. The wait-service is expedient and efficient, if unenthusiastic. And the food... well, it's a meal. Like their slogan says, it's filling. The food isn't great, but it isn't the worst thing I've ever eaten. Their soyburgers are bland, and their krillshakes are mediocre at best. I actually found that their chilli wasn't that bad, though I have no idea what it's made out of. I suppose if I was hungry at three in the morning this would be the best bet, but I wouldn't go out of my way to eat here.

Final verdict: 5/10. I did not get food poisoning and the restaurant was clean, which added at least 2 points.

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