Act One Edit

GMs of all experience levels find themselves needing assistance from time to time. Sometimes, it's with a simple fact question. Other times it's in the general "how do I GM" questions. To address these questions, and some others, some of the GMs and senior members of Runnerhub have come up with a new stream to address questions.

Advice columns Edit

There's a lot of information and advice that has been collected over the interwebs. Some of these have been culled from ShadowSea, some from /r/Shadowrun, and some from other locations.

These are going to be listed in no particular order, and where possible the source has been credited.

Source Edit

Location Advice summary
/u/Bamce GM 101 Collection of links for advice
/u/Bamce Google Doc Chargen advice
/u/Kat9 File in a "found stuff" folder Shadowrun life / setting
/u/Bamce /r/Shadowrun GM learning experience Collection of links for new GMs

A little chat Edit

One of the ways that this information will be distributed to those who want help with starting or improving their GM skills is in the series of Fireside Chats. This is a small series presented by Hub veterans (and founders), and is hosted on /u/Bamce's YouTube channel.

If you wish to contact the Hub Fireside Chats to suggest topics for future episodes, drop them a message here. (You can also contact Kat9 or Bamce.) These chats will be done live via Twitch, and some questions may be handled live. To ask questions live, participate in the Twitch chat for the stream.

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