So, technically this is still a part of the "Tips" section. But it's separated deliberately, because this is how players can give back to the game.

Getting Paid

After every game session ("job"), the GM will give out rewards. Some of these rewards are nuyen, some are Karma, some are intangibles, and some are specific to the game plot. (Not to be confused with the MetaPlot.) Many also offer the two categories of converting some of your rewards.

Who are you working for?

There are three options here. Similar to Shadowrun Missions, you have the option to be working for yourself. In this instance, what you receive is what you receive. (If you have a National or Corporate SIN, remember to factor taxes in to your nuyen rewards. The GMs do not give extra for those qualities.)

You can also work for two other options, which will let you exchange Karma for Nuyen, or vice versa. This is done only at the end of the game session, and can only be done with the rewards from that session. Those two options are:

  • Working for the Man
  • Working for the People.

These are not mandatory. So if you change your mind, you can. Typically, the exchange rate is 1 Karma point for 2000 Nuyen(Citation?). It's just another way we can add to the game experience.

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