Grand Lord King Ramus the XIV
Hobo King 5
Quick Notes
Occupation Fixer/Leader
Affiliations The Brown Kingdom; Seattle Hobo community
Game Rules
Connection 2
Loyalty (2 for reliable contacts, 5 for "tax paying" members of the kingdom)
Personal Details
Age Old
Race Human
Sex Male
Description Old gray haired bearded hobo. Little bit cleaner looking than the average hobo but still a hobo.
Status Alive and operating
Likes Charity, Reliable volunteers
Dislikes People who are rude to hobos, BTLS, Excessive Drug Use

Head of a "Secret Society" of hobos/squatters of Seattle. King of "The Brown Kingdom" ... or so he claims. Some might claim they are all just the hallucinations of a drugged up mad man that lives in a gutter.

Communist like group to collect and distribute charity or payments for various "jobs." Refuses to provide vices for crippling addictions to his people. "Known" to work with and associate with corps runners and gangs equally as long as its for the benefit of "his" people.

Has a number of "Agents" and "Knights" that work under him and solid knowledge of the upper levels of Seattle's sewers.

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