Quick Notes
Occupation Talismonger (Druidic)
Affiliations The MacNeils, Knows of the 'Hub through Celtic, Magical Community
Game Rules
Connection 3
Loyalty -
Personal Details
Age Unknown
Race Elf
Sex Male
Description Tan skin, green eyes, dark brown hair
Status Alive and Active
Likes Wildlife, homegrown foods, patience, students who listen
Dislikes Those who disrespect nature or the druidic arts

Originally from somewhere in the CAS, Clayton Greyfeather made his way north to the Seattle area roughly 30-40 years ago. He settled in the NAN, where he found he was allowed to keep to himself and practice/master his own druidic arts in peace and quiet.

There were few who knew he existed, and fewer still who called him friend, but among those few were a young couple who lived also lived in the NAN. A young woman with a penchant for gardening, and a young man who would use his fake ID not to hide from the law, but to provide for his family. They introduced themselves to him as the MacNeils.

Greyfeather would often share meals with the MacNeils, and when he felt a need for social interaction (though these occurrences were very few and far in between) and he became a close friend of the family. He even laid down wards around their home to protect from intruders and paracritters, and was around during the birth of their two sons, Timothy and Malcolm. (Known to the ‘Hub as Celtic).

When young Malcolm awakened, and began showing interest in the druidic tradition, Greyfeather offered to help the MacNeils with his training, believing he could help shape the new druid into a magician who would not abuse the gifts that were given to him by the Earthmother. After roughly six years, his mentorship came to an end due to a stubborn bravado on Celtic’s end. They were not in touch until almost six more years had passed, and Celtic returned to Greyfeather, pleading that he continue his training.
Not wanting to turn his back on the only family who had been there for him, Greyfeather accepted… he’s still a bit wary of his student, however, as he abandoned his training once… and cocky bravado is not something that is easily dispelled.

Though no longer Celtic’s mentor by definition, he is still very much a source for advice when the young druid needs magical questions answered. In addition he is quite adept at both alchemy and enchantment, providing Celtic with a talismonger that lines up with his own tradition and beliefs.