Javier Clemente Zuniga
Quick Notes
Occupation Director of Security for Aztech in Tir Tairngire
Affiliations Aztechnology
Game Rules
Connection Unknown
Loyalty Unknown
Personal Details
Age 56
Race Hispanic Human
Sex Male
Description Muscular hispanic man with dark brown hair and brown eyes
Status Unknown
Likes Elven wines, guns, psyche
Dislikes Seraphim, Horizon

Original Run: Hard to Get

Javier is the director in charge of security for Aztech in Tir Tairngire. When his son, Pablo graduated Harvard, Javier promised him his high school crush as a graduation present, and contacted Shadowrunners to make it happen. He arranged for a team to kidnap Josephine Gianelli when she was having a datajack installed during her break from school, and had her presented in nothing but a bow to his son at a party.

After Pablo, Javier, and Josephine returned to Cara'sir, Josephine's godfather, a Mafia Don, learned what had happened, and sent his own team of runners to retrieve her and kidnap Javier's son, Pablo. This team was successful, but World of Shadows trid star Seraphim was recognized and her astral signature was recorded. Afterwords, Javier sent Aztech hunter teams into Seattle in force to locate her, and torture out the names of the runners responsible. Before they located her, however, Seraphim signed a deal with Horizon. Javier is still looking for his opportunity for revenge, but Horizon is well aware of his interest.