Jeremiah "Jerry" Ayote
Quick Notes
Occupation Special Representative to the NAN Council
Affiliations Peublo Corporate Council, Red Sky Benevolence Society, First Nations Policlub
Game Rules
Connection Unknown
Loyalty Unknown
Personal Details
Age 52
Race Human
Sex Male
Description Unknown
Status Unknown
Likes Unknown
Dislikes Unknown

 "For the lost children . . . for the healing land . . . for the honored ancestors . . . the violence must end!"

- Address to the Sovereign Tribal Council, 03/30/75

Jeremiah Ayote (a-YO-tay) is the founder and spokesperson of Red Sky Benevolence Society. A former Pueblo Corporate Executive Committee member and high ranking shaman of the Kachina society, he has retired from a life of public service to the Pueblo people to tackle larger charitable work by working directly with the Sovereign Tribal Council.   

Coming from a strictly traditional Zuni background, Ayote uncharacteristicly embraces high technology. His tenue on the PCC saw a dramatic shift from strongly agrarian and livestock economy which carried the Pueblo after the Ghost Dance Revolution to their current software empire. He began his political career championing the fledgling matrix architecture firms of the 40s and his data havens initiative was instrumental in recovering from the second Crash. His personal stock portfolio has benefited greatly from his matrix savvy. 

He takes his role as Kachina Dancer very seriously, seeing himself as a caretaker of Pueblo cultural traditions and as leader to future generations. The Red Sky Benevolence Society is a direct result of his passion. In addition to ceremonial and educational functions, the dancers of the society work as good will ambassidors to the other NAN member-states. Well known for the magical use of enviromental weather effects and creative illusions during their performances, their primary claim to fame is in the local charity work they promote. Though nowadays he leaves the actual dance to the younger members, Ayote is the driving heart and directing mind of the society.   


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