Josephine Gianelli
Quick Notes
Occupation None
Affiliations Gianelli Mafia Family
Game Rules
Connection -
Loyalty -
Personal Details
Age 22
Race Caucasian Human
Sex Female
Description -
Status In recovery following conversion to a bunraku parlor
Likes -
Dislikes -

Origin: Target of the runs "Hard to Get" and "Sacrificial Maiden"

Josephine Gianelli was the goddaughter of Mafia head Don Joseph Gianelli. In December 2075, she returned to Seattle during break, and disappeared from the clinic where she was getting a datajack installed. The Don tore up the city looking for her.

It was not until a team of runners investigating the disappearance of Dr Irina Svetza found footage of Josephine being unloaded at University Hospital into the care of a Dr Isaacs. This runner team provided this information to the Mafia, who snatched up Dr Isaacs and interrogated him, learning of her kidnapping at the hands of Javier Clemente Zuniga, director of Aztech Security in Tir Tairngire, as a present for his son, Pablo Zuniga.

A separate team of runners extracted both her and Pablo from the Aztech Executive Suites Living Complex in Cara'sir, and turned them both over to the Mafia. At this time, it is not believed Josephine's original mental faculties will ever be restored.