Lacky Jack, Feeding the Hungry
Quick Notes
Occupation Unknown
Affiliations The 162s, the disassemblers, Hell's Soup Kitchen, Madam Soap
Game Rules
Connection 3
Loyalty 2
Personal Details
Age unknown
Race Elf Ghoul (Harvester)
Sex Male
Description Creepy as Frag
Status Unknown
Likes Easy meals, Lucrative Business Opportunities, Strong- arming Others, Oppression
Dislikes Questions, The Daystar, People rebuking his rule

Acquisition Edit

Cost: 6, payable in ¥2000 or 1 Karma per point

Description Edit

A 7'2" elf man with pale white skin and scraggy black hair. He is incredibly thin giving him an almost skeletal frame. His lips are a deep red and has an inhumanly large smile. His grin is made up of razor sharp fangs that look like they could easily rip the flesh from a Troll.

Lanky Jack is a Harvester and creepy as frag. He has no commlink connection and his clientele are ghouls, or infected and the absolute poorest of the poor.

Likes: Easy meals, lucrative business opportunities, Strong arming others, Oppression

Dislikes: Questions, The Daystar, People rebuking his rule.

Special Rules Edit

Humanitarian AidEdit

Lanky Jack runs a business deep in the barrens named "Hell's Soup Kitchen". He is always happy to take the anonymous food donations to his larder. Operating mostly through literal “Dead Drops” he has a few covert places you can deposit bodies for his men to acquire. These typically are in the sewer system itself. A Connection test can be made with the Undercity modifiers (below) to see how close a spot is to the PCs.

The LarderEdit

Infected characters may always find a “meal” through Lanky Jack. Infected characters may also reduce the cost of this contact by 2.

Under my “Thumb”Edit

If you have Madam Soap, Jack will use his influence over her to improve her capabilities. Allowing her cleanup capabilities to also pick up corpses from the site, depositing them with Jack for you. Madam Soap doesn’t enjoy this aspect of her work, each time you use this ability reduce Madam Soap 's Loyalty by 1. At 0 you lose that contact. She is purchasable multiple times if you lose her.


Jack has “pretty good” maps of the sewer and other undercity layouts. Depending on the security rating of the area Jack can provide you with maps of those areas. Roll a Connection test with the following modifiers based upon zone. He always has “a” map for the area. The test merely improves its clarity. GMs are free to make this roll in private.

Cost Zone Modifier
2,000 AA -2
1.500 A -1
1,000 B 0
750 C +1
500 D +2
250 Other +3

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