San Francisco Izakaya 3
The upstairs section of Lightbox.
Established 2062
Owner Morimoto
Location Downtown Seattle
Affiliations Dwarf Community
Zagat Statistics
Food 22
Decor 16
Service 15
Price $$$$

A nightclub in Downtown Seattle with a reputation as a shadowrunner hangout. The place usually has some loud synthcore or technosynth band set up on the front stage in the evenings, along with a fully-functioning sushi bar (alongside the regular one). They're a favorite of 'runners because they have a strict no-violence policy enforced by several trolls kept on retainer, because Morimoto has paid off the cops to keep attention off of his club, and because they rent out standard soundproof booths with a complete set of white noise generators and signal jammers for the discriminating runner, at 600Y an hour.

Zagat Summary Edit

While the food is lousy and the lighting display is stuck in the late '60s, the sheer number of variety of people you see frequent this club make it worth visiting. Mister Morimoto was kind enough to give us a personal tour, from the upstairs lounge that overlooks the stage to the downstairs dance floor, and even let us dine in one of his wonderful private rooms. The sushi was professionally prepared, and the salmon, while expensive, was particularly notable. With the door closed, you can't hear the loud music on the other side. It makes for a strangely personal experience in the middle of Seattle's bustling metropolis, if you can stomach dining alongside criminals.