Cost 5, payable in ¥2000 or 1 Karma per point


While he wears the same outfit most days, black shirt, suspenders, skinny tie. Its his face that people see change the most. When it seems like nobody's watching a callous frown will cross his face. As soon as potential business folks wander in though, it quickly turns to all smiles and handshakes.</p>

Likes: Good Reviews, Well written trids, Fellow actors

Dislikes: Critics, poorly written trids, Hacks

Marty Sherman, Impossible to Please
Quick Notes
Occupation Actor
Affiliations Seattle Theater District, Improve theater groups
Game Rules
Connection 3
Loyalty 2
Personal Details
Sex Male
Status Active
Likes Good Reviews, Well written trids, Fellow actors
Dislikes Critics, poorly written trids, Hacks
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Special RulesEdit


  • Artisan
  • Performance
  • Impersonation
  • Disguise
  • Industrial mechanic
  • Freefall

Qualities Edit

  • Perfect Time
  • Guts

Will Call Edit

Marty can supply some tickets to events during runs, assigned to a sin of your choice. If you like this can be used to supply an alibi for where you were during a run.

A connection test should be used to determine

  • How close to the time of the criminal activity
  • The type of event rehearsal, private showing, etc etc etc
  • The availability of seating

GM’s are free to charge what is appropriate for those tickets. However they are also encouraged to come up with the play in question that was going on

Prop Room Edit

After performing a number of different shows this theater has built up quite the eccentric collection of props. Sometimes it is the matter of just a single prop to really sell an outfit.


  • What the prop is
  • What event it was for
  • What the role was
  • How does it complete your disguise

The GM will ask for a “Donation” to the theater to fund further projects

When using the prop as part of your disguise Gm’s are encouraged to give bonus dice to any impersonation or performance rolls you make. Additional situational modifiers are up to gm discretion

Dressing the Part Edit

You may purchase high fashion armor through this contact. However it is all “Lightly Worn”. It still looks nice, however anything except the armor value or “looking nice” does not function.

High society folks will likely recognize it as being “lightly worn”

Murder armor and gore packs are also available through this contact

Players are encouraged to makeup shows that these outfits may have been worn in.

“do you have that fabulous suit that was worn in the ‘Death of Stuffershack’ “

MAKEUP!!! Edit

If your team is wanting to use the house has access to a disguise Facility. A connection test will determine if the house is free that night to use, and how much the contact may charge to make use of it.

Keep in mind that while the team would have access to use it, it is not empty. Should they get in trouble while disguised public awareness and/or notoriety should be added/increased.

GMs are also encouraged to hassel the players a little bit about what show they are putting on that they need these “disguises” for.


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