Quick Notes
Occupation Street Doc
Affiliations Freelance, knows 'Hub through Celtic
Game Rules
Connection 2
Loyalty -
Personal Details
Age 42
Race Human
Sex Male
Description Pale, blue eyes, auburn hair cut close
Status Alive and Active
Likes Cyberware, small talk, Colt weaponry, anti-depressants
Dislikes Ares Macrotech, KE, folks who pry

In a small workshop in an industrial park near Redmond, you’ll find “Memphis” Raynehold toiling away at either his latest cyberware acquisition or a bruised and bleeding runner in need of being put back together.

Memphis is a bit of a mystery. He talks quite a bit, but never about himself. Well-spoken, quick to smile, and quick to laugh, he seems like he could have been a socialite in another life. He has the air of a man who knew how to get into and out of situations at his own whim and desire, but if that was the case at one point, sadly the Shadows have caught up to him and he tends to stay out of the limelight.

The scary thing about Memphis isn’t even necessarily Memphis himself… it’s his shop. If any awakened being were to scan the area in the Astral, they’d find a it to be a huge pit of pain and sadness. For those who are close enough to Memphis to ask, he’ll simply lose the glint in his eye, his easy grin will turn into a slight frown and he will change the subject. If they continue to press the subject, he has a well-worn Colt Manhunter from his running days that he has no issue using as a deterrent for unwanted visitors.

Memphis is a street doc that specializes in weaponized cyberware. Whatever his past is (he’s rumored to have been connected to Ares long ago until he was burned) all we know is that he’s damn good at his job. It’s known around the streets, If you need stitched up, call Memphis. If you need ‘ware removed from a ganger (in a not so nice way) you call Memphis. If you need new or used ‘ware installed, you call Memphis.