"...And here's Jainee with the weather.''

AARs are not the only method players can give back to the community. Weekly news releases are compiled and released by the Ministry of Media. While the term has come up before, here's where they get explained. The Ministry of Media is not a source of EbilTM, but the branch of Runnerhub that is responsible for the overall Metaplot. They collect news stories and release them (culled from player submissions and the AARs for the week) in a "News" post. (As of the creation of this entry, we are up to News #14.)

To further the controversy of the expanding media consumption ("is print dead?"), there will also be news broadcasts and the occasional video that gets released. Those also show up in the "News" category, but sometimes you might find it in the "IC" flair category. (Flair categories are how the 'Hub categorizes posts on the main subreddit. You can sort by them if you scroll down the side bar to the last section before the ads.)

If you have suggestions for the Ministry of Media, you are welcome to submit them. They are (still) currently looking for writers and editors, but (like any news organization) they are always hungry for tales from the community. Who knows? Sometimes, you might be involved in a Metaplot session, or in a session that is the result of something the Metaplot created.

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