Name: Nitpick

Type: Female Dwarf Fixer

Connection Rating: 5

Max Starting Loyalty: 1

Key Active Skills: Negotiation, Etiquette (Matrix), Cracking Skillgroup, Electronics Skill group

Knowledge Skills: Deck Construction, Matix Rumors, Known Mr. Johnsons, Gear Value, Corporate Rumors, Seattle Area Knowledge (Redmond Barrens), Street Rumors

Uses: Jobs, Buy/Sell Electronics, Repair/Customize Electronics, Various Rumors and Information

Places to Meet: On the Matrix

Residence: Seattle

Physical Description:  Nitpick is a 20 year old woman with short blonde hair. Her eyes have been biosculpted to be a little larger than they should be. Taking on the image of a living anime character, she dresses in casual clothes.

Manner/Attitude: Nitpick is a cheerful individual, treating everyone as if they were best friends. Gleefully interested in new technology she is easily distracted by new gadgets she hasn’t seen before.