Step 6: Multitasking

The last window you might have open is your character sheet. Alternatively, you could have the software you used to create that character open, as both have a "Session" setting that lets you keep track of shots fired, nuyen spent, and the various little details that happen during a game. It can be a lot for a computer to keep track of; if you have multiple devices to handle off-line stuff or a powerful computer, you should be just fine.

One common thing that some of the runners do is to keep notes. Whether it's hand written, quick notes in Notepad, or a shared document like a Google Doc, jot down some key things that happen during the game. Some of these can save your life, and some of these can create funny quotes that others can use for or against you (or your character). Remembering the name of that snitch that tipped you off that the back gate is open can be critical if turns out to be a Knight Errant undercover cop.

Ready to get to the formatting? Let's go!