Plastic Pete's Place
Plastic Pete Place

Plastic Pete's Place

Vital statistics
Type Restaurant
Level Unknown
Location Southern Redmond
Inhabitants Plastic Pete and his crew

Located in southern Redmond, Plastic Pete's Place, or 3P as the locals call it is a pirate themed restaurant owned by Plastic Pete himself. The restaurant isn't overly popular, and yet somehow it manages to remain open despite the lack of patrons visiting it.

Zagat Summary Edit

OK so here's the deal, Plastic Pete is a fixer and he does just enough side biz to keep his ship afloat. You might not be getting top of the line jobs from Ol' Pete, but you can count on that if the job goes tits up it won't be him putting you there. A stand up guy that Pete. As far as getting you the things you need, well Pete has a special menu he can send to his select guests his specialty tends to be blades, bombs and bullets.

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