Quick Notes
Occupation Bouncer
Affiliations O.R.C and Ork Underground
Game Rules
Connection 2
Loyalty 2
Personal Details
Age 15
Race Ork
Sex Male
Description Unknown
Status Alive
Likes Jury, Cinnamon scented cologne, Ork Equality
Dislikes Metahaters

Background Edit

Ram grew up in the Redmond Barrens, but eventually moved to the Ork Underground after joining the O.R.C. While on O.R.C business he ran into (he thinks) a sweet little Japanese girl and they hit it off. Turns out Jury is the Oyuban of the Hakanotaka Yakuza. She hires Ram to be the bouncer for The Den, the gambling den that acts as the Gumi's base of operations.

Contact Info Edit

Ram is a member of the O.R.C and part of the Ork Underground Community. Asking him for the favor of hiding you in the Ork Underground and not losing your tail first will probably result in his girlfriend sending assassins after you though.

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