On Runner-hub, we expect you to have read the core rules for 5th edition. This should give you a base idea of what the 6th world is like. However, some of you may want more. Weather it be looking for inspiration, or just craving more lore for your character, here's the base recommendations. Many books are available from drivethru RPG and other such sites. Furthermore, there's lore and location information in various podcasts.

4th Edition books Edit


Crime Never pays... At least, not for the bad crooks. Crime and Vices in the 6th world.

Seattle 2072

Home Sweet Home, eh? (Mostly) up to date news from the city of Seattle.

6th World Almanac

Information about lots of things. Mostly the rest of the world. History and Geography galore.

The Corporate Guide

Your guide to the corps and life, omae.


Transition into today's edition. Many things in this book are edition neutral. Introduces certain aspects.

Sim dreams and Nightmares

Ever had a simsense? Trust me, get’s lots worse.


Music, entertainment and more. Wanna hit a concert, chummer? Or you wanna watch some sportsball.

3rd Edition Edit

Somewhat outdated, but still useful or helpful to understand later concepts.

System Shutdown

The 2nd crash, or: How I learned to fear the AI. Crash 2,0, oh no.

Sprawl Sites

Various sprawls around the globe. Tell me, how much luck have you had breeding cars?

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