Acquisition Edit

Satchel, the Powder Keg (deceased)
Quick Notes
Occupation Ganger, Demolitions Expert, Combat Biker
Affiliations The Red Hot Nukes
Game Rules
Connection 4
Loyalty 1
Personal Details
Age Unknown
Race Dwarf
Sex Male
Description Red Hot Nukes Demolitions Ambassador
Status Deceased, non-operational
Likes Dwarves, Explosions, Combat Biking
Dislikes Other Gangs

Cost: 5, payable in ¥2000 or 1 Karma per point. -1 if a Dwarf or Dwarf variant. Some characters may receive this contact for free from participating in certain runs. Currently deceased, and not available for PC acquisition.

Description Edit

Satchel, like most dwarves is a small rotund man. What sets him apart however, is the Red and Grey he wears proudly. The Mushroom cloud and cap mark him as a member of a very specific gang, The Red Hot Nukes. This gang is well known for their love of explosives which makes them typically a fairly volatile bunch. Satchel is a bit more reserved. Acting almost as an ambassador to the outside world. He runs a small “weekend combat biking” establishment. Here normal people can visit, take a ride with non lethal ammo, and get a true combat biking experience.

Likes Dwarves, Explosions, Combat Biking

Dislikes Other Gangs

Special Rules Edit

Trainer Edit

  • Demolitions
  • Chemistry
  • Automotive Mechanic
  • Industrial Mechanic
  • Pilot Ground Craft

Potatoes Edit

You may purchase without rolling any explosive accessory that is under availability 12.

Meat Edit

If you purchase explosives through Satchel, you “cannot” forget the accessories. If you realize later that you don’t have the required detonators or accessories you may retroactively add these to your purchase, at normal cost. As Satchel wouldn’t want you to have an excuse to not use your new found explosives.

This includes things like: Radio detonator R2 (150 nuyen), Safety fuse 10 meter (50 nuyen).

Personal Stock Edit

You may purchase without hassle ammonium nitrate and anfo from Satchel.

Restricted/Forbidden explosives can be Rolled for at +4 dice.

Betty is My Favorite Girl Edit

The team may pick up once per run up to 8 thrown grenades or 6 launcher (grenades) without rolling from Satchel in the following flavors:

  • Fragmentation
  • High Explosive
  • Smoke
  • Flash bang

He also has empty paint, and gas grenades, but you will need to bring him the chems from a different source.

You Break It You Bought It Edit

Satchel has access to an explosive facility that he will be able to rent usage of it.

Rental fee is 1,000 nuyen +500 for each additional roll(beyond the first) of the extended test you make use of.

((Notes)) Satchel makes use of many of the detailed explosive rules in Run and Gun.