Basic Overview Edit

Schmidt's Ale House
Established 2065
Owner Herr Schmidt
Location Corner of 15th Ave and Gerry Street, Everett
Affiliations None
Zagat Statistics
Food 30
Decor 25
Service 25
Price $$$$

Schmidt's, run by a German dwarf of the same name, is a classic beer garden. In fact, it has one of the only outdoor patios with a legit garden on it's roof for your enjoyment (With heaters for the winter).

It is three floors tall, with a beer wall on the same side of each, displaying all of the brands and stock that they have. It is considered one of the finest beer halls in the hemisphere. All the tables and bars are custom made for the hall and the wenches are only the finest ladies in Seattle.

Schmidt also knows a lot of people. His is single handedly one of the most connected people in Seattle, but he does that by shutting his trap about many many things. It is said that the dwarf has forgotten more people who had pissed him off than a Dragon has ever met in their lifetime.