Step 4: Find a seat

When we say we play Shadowrun using Runnerhub, what we mean is that we use the subReddit /r/Runnerhub to coordinate virtual table top game sessions around the globe. Most of the posts on Runnerhub will be IC (In Character), allowing you to interact and continue character development. But the actual play goes on at designated times, with a smaller group. What times, you ask?

Game sessions are set up when a Game Master (GM) has the time to put one together. Typically, these are about 4 hours in length. So a GM will post up a thread in /r/Runnerhub: a "job." These threads have the flair tag "Job," or "Looking for work." Simply reply back IC, and check back to see if your character has been selected for the run. Be careful, though. Some jobs might happen when you are supposed to be sleeping.

A word about time:

Because we are global, we need a common way to interact with people. It's not impossible for someone from Los Angeles to play a session with someone from Berlin, London, or Melbourne. To keep us all on the same page, jobs are posted with the time in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time). The job post will have the date and UTC time in the heading and at the top of the posting. (If it doesn't, ask for clarification in the post.) [If you are a GM, there's a template available to keep the postings uniform and functioning within the next two 'bots.]

To figure out when the job time is in your time zone, there are two tools you can use. The first is the TimeZone Simplifier bot. This can be "summoned" to any thread, and is a rollover listing of time zones and the appropriate time. The second is the Calendar of Games; this is a Google calendar page that asks for your time zone, then automatically converts the UTC listing to a day and time, listing them in a calendar view for your convenience. The Calendar is not instantaneous, but as long as the GM follows the format guidelines, every job will be picked up by it.

  • Both of these tools are located in the Runnerhub Sidebar, in the "Important Links" section.

Because there are over 900 people playing, and not every one of them is a GM, there will be more players than seats available. Check the post to see if the session is marked "Looking for work," or if it's marked "Positions Filled." If it's open, it will show as "Open" on the calendar and "Looking for work." You are allowed to request a seat. If it's closed, sorry omae. Better luck next time?

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