Basic Overview Edit

The Downfall
Established 2069
Owner HeartBeat
Location NE 175th Street & 140th Avenue (NE Redmond)
Affiliations The Awakened
Zagat Statistics
Food 15
Decor 20
Service 15
Price $$

Compared to the other bars in the district, the Downfall is a fairly safe and pleasant place to get a drink. The air is clean, the lighting is good and the people (mostly magicians) are civil.

The owner, a retired mage known only by his former runner name, HeartBeat, converted an old cathedral in the barrens into an homage to the christian magical traditions, complete with ceiling paintings and candle holders scattered through the bar. It's an interesting locale and the home band, The Fallen, are pretty well known for their rowdyness after a show.

All in all, it's a good place for mages to drink and mingle, but be careful of getting too out of hand, HeartBeat has some mean spirits

bound. Or at least, so goes the rumor.