Organization Edit

Current Leader: The Holy Cesear (Currently Unknown, has not been seen)

Second in Command: Legate Titus (Black, Cybered Male, Only seen in spy trids from KE, only for a brief moment before contact is severed)

Lead Enforcer: The Spartan (Cybered Male, Unknown Race)

-Praetors will be the 'Regional' Heads of blocks, and fully in control of the people located within, and while they command the footsoldiers, their orders can be overridden my commands from higher up.

-Centurions will be the military leaders of large groups, generally 1 per region, and work closely with the Praetor.

-Decanii are squad leaders

-Legionaries are the footsoldiers of a specific rank to be awarded their weapons and gear.

-Cohorts are fresh recruits, and have to see at least two engagements before being given riot shields and spears. They are armed with simple armor, swords, and a pistol.