Chinese Triad Edit

Turf: All over, concentrated in Puyallup

The Yellow Lotus lodge is the oldest and most powerful Triad organization in Seattle. It is also the only Yellow Lotus lodge left after the Red Dragon Association wiped out the Yellow Lotus in Hong Kong. The Seattle lodge survived thanks to the brilliance of its Lodgemaster Zheng Li Kwan and Incense Master Su Chen.

One of the key factors to the Seattle lodges success during the war was its shift in recruitment practices. The Yellow Lotus allowed for metahumans, especially orks, to go through their initiation rights. This allowed the Yellow Lotus to double in size over the course of the war and gave them considerable influence in the Puyallup Barrens. It also earned them a few new enemies like the Humanis Policlub.

The principle business of the Yellow Lotus is BTL dealing, peddling low-quality optical chips rather than direct downloads. This business has boomed thanks the introduction of G.O.D. after the second Matrix crash. A close second is importing illegal Chinese residents to work in sweatshops in the Barrens, manufacturing knock-offs for later resale.

Leader: Zheng Li Kwan

Incense Master: Su Chen

Lieutenants: Gou Lim Jiang, Zheng Su Yu, Louis Pi-Ka, Giedon “GQ” Ki & Preston Robinson


-by TGMkoll