Acquisition Edit

Cost 4, payable in ¥2000 or 1 Karma per point

Description Edit

Basically this

Likes: Going fast, Flying, High octane

Dislikes: Boats, Steel Waters

Topher Gunner, The Hot Shot
Quick Notes
Occupation Pilot
Affiliations Seattle private airfield, Seatac
Game Rules
Connection 4
Loyalty 1
Personal Details
Race Human
Sex Male
Status Active
Likes Going fast, Flying, High octane
Dislikes Boats, Steel Waters

Special Rules Edit

Qualities Edit

  • Chaser
  • Dealer Connection[aircraft]
  • Subtle [aircraft] pilot
  • Stunt Driver
  • Speed Demon

Skills Edit

  • Pilot aircraft
  • Pilot aerospace
  • Aeronautics mechanic
  • Free fall

Fire in the Sky Edit

You may purchase pilot aircraft based transport through this contact.

Is able to supply the physical locations for your aircraft lifestyle as per hub house rules

You may rent air transport. A sin will be required and Topher will make the appropriate flight plan registrations. You must provide a flight plan.

  • Cost will be base 20% of vehicle
  • Deposit of 50% of base cost will be required
  • More than superficial (gm discretion) damage will result in loss of deposit.
  • Topher will be forced to report the vehicle if you get the authorities involved.

Air Drop Edit

Topher flies all over the place. As such, he can smuggle a great many things a great many places. If you need to get out of Seattle he can get you there. Should you need transport he can get you there. It may not be comfortable but you’ll get there in once piece.

Its 1,000 nuyen for a flight You can take a “carry on bag” this is usually limited to small backpack sized amount of things.(gm discretion) You will be given a parachute when you are over the area you wanna get near. Good luck!

Raisin Bomber Edit

Once per run, if you are outside of Seattle, you may have Topher pick up a care package from one contact. This can include multiple items and will double the longest item delivery time. This will also cost 1,000 nuyen. You may use this power if you do not have the contact. However you must purchase the contact at that time.

IE if you don’t have him on the run at the start. You may have your fixer contact him to pick up the items. However someone on the run must pay his contact cost.

Workshop's Open Edit

Topher counts as a mechanic contact as per hub house rules on vehicle modifications for aircraft

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