The Triad is a vast criminal organization which can be found anywhere in the world there is a large Chinese population. It is divided into 'lodges' which operate on a similar set of codes and Chinese mysticism. These lodges draw their codes and ideals from an ancient organization, the Hung Sung, that first opposed the English occupation of Hong Kong. The triangle symbol Hung Sung used represented the relationship between Heaven, Earth, and Man.

The Triad is one of the most magical of the ethnic criminal organizations with each lodge having numerous adepts and mages. Each Lodgemaster has an Incense Master who helps guide the lodge spiritually so that the Lodgemaster can focus on worldly matters. This focus on the mystical has seen the lodges become magical power houses in whatever areas they operate in. But it has also left many lodges at a disadvantage technologically as they are not as experienced at cyberwarfare as many of their rivals.

The Seattle Lodges:

Yellow Lotus

The Octagons


- by TGMkoll

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