Quick Notes
Occupation Fixer
Affiliations Shadowrun Community - Seattle; White Lotus
Game Rules
Connection 2
Loyalty -
Personal Details
Age 35
Race Chinese human
Sex Male
Description Unknown
Status Alive and operating in Seattle
Likes Jobs that go smoothly, successful runners
Dislikes Brown rompersuits

Character of Origin: Aranon

Varrick moved fairly recently from Hong Kong to Seattle, for reasons that he has generally declined to explain. Since arriving, he has been stretching out his roots into the local Shadowrun community, with a particular focus on what would be considered black trenchcoat style work. His star runner thus far has been a mage who arrived from Hong Kong around the same time who goes by the name Aranon. This runner's recent successes have helped Varrick's fortunes, and helped him get those roots established in Seattle. It is speculated however, that he has far more connections back in Hong Kong.