Wayne Brewski is a large man of Russian descent who owns the Tapas Taphouse in Beacon Hill. This restaurant/micro-brewery serves 10 signature beers brewed on site in addition to the widest array of small plate appetizers anywhere in Seattle. It has a patio, dining room and private rooms with the usual countermeasures. After the big role runners played in its launch, it caters to runners. It's a high class place, so dress nice.

Wayne Brewski currently has connection rating of 1, Players with the contact can always get a private table complete with all the countermeasures the players need for a planning session. They can also come to Wayne if they need beer, or exotic foods for some reason.

MacBeth, Plink, Sweet-Cheeks, Remagen, Dove, Muse, Grendel, PI, Z-Trip, and Hagane eat and drink for free.

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